We get behind business


In 2007, founder and managing director, Ian Forsyth conceived B1 Solutions (ByCloud) for aspiring businesses


My vision was to use emerging digital business solutions to empower smaller, aspiring businesses to work more productively by increasing business insight, improving ways of working and exploiting new opportunities with tech. And every day, to be behind the scenes, making it happen. 


Ian selected SAP Business ByDesign, a leading vendor of smart business software solutions and then became a dedicated, certified partner.


We exist to make it happen for aspiring businesses

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Digital transformers


Ian recognised that in the new digital economy, people, systems and data we’re becoming rapidly connected.


It’s happening globally, in our daily lives and in small to large organisations across our economy. We help customers understand how existing business models are changing and how they too can become a more agile, integrated, intelligent and digitally enabled business.


Using SAP Business ByDesign and proven digital technologies, ByCloud Solutions provide clients with the ability to transform the way that they work and create opportunities, in the digital economy.



Happy employees, happy customers.

Our committed leadership team has a diverse set of skills, with a track record for delivering expert advice, smooth deployments and reliable support.

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Customer Service Lead


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We love SAP Business ByDesign :)

We’re a dedicated, certified and experienced team of SAP Business ByDesign, enthusiasts. SAP Business ByDesign is a World-class solution, that’s why we’re a dedicated provider. We selected SAP Business ByDesign to get our clients ahead of the game with a choice of tech environments, pre-built extensions or proven industry configurations – designed to be deployed quickly, accurately and without fuss.